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Grade 8 students in the US tackle global issues in this wiki.

Teenage Support Wiki
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This was a project set up by students to help support other students with issues such as bullying. The picture is from the Free Hugs Day posting.

Looking at World Issues - Darfar

See other Darfar projects
There were made during the same collaboration between classes (who found each other using Twitter).
Stop Genecide Wiki with multimedia projects such as videos made by the children.
Genocide in Darfar - another wiki by high school students looking at this issue.
The Blurb - a student news blog focusing on different world events - there is a big focus on Darfar
Many Voices for Darfar - a blog where students have added 62 comments to a post about Darfar.

Learning Languages with Voice Thread
VoiceThread is the perfect tool for practicing other languages. The example below uses text which is a good way to ensure spelling accuracy. You could also just as easily do a similar activity with the children recording themselves speaking to encourage fluency.

Developing Key Competencies and Higher Order Thinking
Movie Making
There are strong planning, cooperative, collaborative, technical, literacy, self review elements to the task. Kids get so much from it and are highly motivated for the fact they are creating a movie! The end product is very visual etc

Communicating with Other Classes
Time Warp Game
Each class provides two clues each week about their chosen topic. Then the classes have to email each other about the questions. You weren’t allowed to ask questions directly about the topic eg is your ? a clock? You had to ask your question related to your clue. Eg if the clue is ‘hot’ you have to ask question related to that clue. Eg is the hot thing a flame? Kids came up with divergent clues. If one classroom guesses your clue the others can still keep trying. We spent four weeks of immersion to start with and then played the game for four weeks.